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Nauru News Bulletin Jan 2012

Nauru Census 2011 - Preliminary Report

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Consumer Price Index (CPI) - August 2011 up 0.91%

The Index change for August 2011 registered a 98.72 which imply a 0.91 percent increase from the previous month of July after long periods of consecutive decreases since February 2011.

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Demographic and Health Survey 2007 (DHS) - Final Report and Factsheet

Findings from this survey show that the country's total fertility rate is 3.4 births per woman. Overall knowledge of familiy planning is very in Nauru with 93% of all women and 99% of all men aged 15-49 having heard of at least one method of contaception. 86% of children aged 18-29 months were fully vaccinated at the time of the survey.

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Nauru 2006 hies report

Nauru 2006 HIES Final Report

The following report provides results of the initial analysis from the 2006 Nauru Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES). The survey was conducted during December 2006, following an initial mini census listing exercise which was conducted about two months earlier in late September 2006.

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Nauru 2002 census report

NCD Risk Factors STEPS Report

This survey is part of global endeavour to address major noncommunicable desease (NCD) risk factors in developing countries. The Nauru-STEPS survey was one of a series of STEPS surveys planned to obtain evidence to assist the effective delivery of prevention and control programs across the Pacific.

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Nauru 2002 census report

2002 Census Main Report

This is the fourth locally held National Population Census conducted on September 23, 2002 amidst the increasing hardship and difficulties of the people of Nauru. The census was funded by the Australian Government, AusAID, under an agreement with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC).

A full report of the census results was not available until late 2006.

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Nauru 2002 census report

Demographic Profile of Nauru:1992 - 2002

This report features demographic characteristics and trends for key demographic indicators for the people of Nauru.

The report was prepared by the Nauru Bureau of Statistics with technical support from a consultant through the Statistics and demography Programme, SPC.

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