BOP Annual Report 2011-12

You can access the Balance of Payments Annual Report 2011/12 Here 


Economic Statistics

Economic Indicators SummaryValueLatest Available
National Accounts  
Gross Domestic Product (current prices) per capita (T$) 6,505 2009/10 
Gross Domestic Product (constant prices) per capita (T$) 3,672
Manufacturing production  
Establishment covered (number) 123 SD, Manuf 2007   
Total production T$('000) 28,970
Persons employed (number) 1,188
Wages and Salaries T$('000) 5,607
Consumer Price Index  
Total All Item Index 110.1 February 2014 
All Item % change (from previous month)


Local Index % Change (from previous month) 1.7
Imported Index % Change (from previous month) 1.6
Labour Market  
Number of persons employed 35,290 Census 2006  
Number of persons unemployed 388
Unemployment Rate 1.1
Central Government Finance  
Revenue (current) FY (T$'000) 114,576.50 2004/05  
Expenditure (current) FY (T$'000) 168,699.50
Balance (T$'000) -54,123.00
Government Current Revenue Source  
Direct taxes (value) (T$'000) 16,000.00 2004/05  
Indirect taxes (value) (T$'000) 71,012.70
Other (value) (T$'000) 26,310.40
Government Debt  
Total Government Debt
Broad Money and Credit Aggregates  
Net External Position 18.9 2009/10
Monetary Base 108.2
Balance of Payments  
Overall Balance (T$'000) -43,730 2011/12
International Merchandise Trade  
Imports (value) (T$'000) 301,754 Year 2010   
Exports (value) (T$'000) 15,626
Re-exports (value) (T$'000) 6
Trade Balance (value) (T$'000) -286,122
Selected Foreign Exchange Rates (End of Period)  
(Foreign currency units per pa'anga)  
Australia dollar 0.5974 At 30 June  2009-10     
New Zealand dollar 0.7325
United States dollar 0.5123
Japan yen 45.3102
Europe Union ero 0.34
United Kingdom pounds sterling 0.4206
Fijian dollar 0.983


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