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SPC/ TB Section

The Tuberculosis Control Section is part of the SPC Public Health Division (PHD). The PHD mission under the new strategic plan 2010-2014 is “to help Pacific Island people respond effectively to current and future health challenges and make informed decisions to improve their health status.”

The goal of the TB Control Section is to eliminate TB as a public health problem by 2050. Our core business is to help build a high level of competency, capacity, and sustainability within National TB Programmes so that they can effectively control TB in their countries and territories.

Broadly, the work of the TB Control Section encompasses provision of technical assistance to support region wide implementation of the internationally recommended TB Control strategy, i.e. Directly Observed Treatment Short-course (DOTS) as part of the regional TB strategy: Strategic Plan to Stop TB in the Western Pacific Region: 2006-2010. The Section aims to promote a strong collaboration between regional partners (i.e. WHO-WPRO and CDC). In addition, the Section is heavily involved in assisting with the implementation of Global Fund TB and health systems strengthening grants in twelve Pacific Island countries and territories and supports ongoing national TB surveillance efforts across the Pacific Islands region.

Under the umbrella of the PHD, the section aligns and harmonises its work with other sections of SPC to improve delivery of services, maximize cost efficiencies, and optimize benefits and gains to  the countries.

The Tuberculosis Control Section is made up of four staff.

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