Release of SPC’s 2010 annual TB report

Each year the TB Section releases it’s annual  TB surveillance report and the 2010 report was released in December, 2010.The purpose of the annual TB report is to describe the epidemiology of tuberculosis  in the Pacific and to make brief recommendations for national TB programme managers, government decision makers and technical partners to improve TB control in the region. SPC’s annual TB report for 2010 contains information on TB cases notified in 2008 and treatment outcomes for TB cases notified in 2007. The report describes the epidemiology of TB in the whole Pacific region, in the three subregions of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia, and by country and territory.  The report describes that in the Pacific in 2008, 8% fewer TB cases than 2007 were notified to national TB programmes. Excluding Papua New Guinea , 1459 TB cases were notified and a further 13,984 TB cases were notified in Papua New Guinea in 2008. The report can be downloaded from the TB Section website (under Publications) and all national TB programmes will also be sent a hard copy of the report.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 January 2011 11:10