14th SPC Heads of Fisheries Meeting

(June 13 to June 17 2022)


Day 1 - Draft FAME Business Plan 2022-2027
Neville Smith (The Pacific Community)

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Day 1 - FAME priorities and emerging work areas in 2022
Neville Smith (The Pacific Community)

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Day 1 - FAME results 2021
Terry Opa (The Pacific Community)

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Day 1 - Pacific Food Systems
Timothy Pickering, Edward Boydell, Karena Lyons (The Pacific Community)

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Day 1 - A Fisheries Science Vessel for the Pacific - A Pacific voyage towards a resilient community
Bruno Leroy, Ludwig Kumoru, Simon Nicol (The Pacific Community)

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Day 2 - Regional Aquaculture Assessment, and Pacific Regional Aquaculture Strategy
Timothy Pickering (The Pacific Community)

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Day 2 - Assessment of the Aquaculture needs, priorities and future directions in the Pacific Islands Region
Steve Lindsay, Robert Lindley, Michelle Lam, Hugo Lassauce (Integrated Aquatic Systems IAS)

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Day 2 - Building a sustainable approach to collection and use of coastal fisheries data for effective management
Franck Magron, Andrew Halford (The Pacific Community)

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Day 3 - FAME’s work programme on climate impacts on Pacific fisheries and ocean ecosystems
Simon Nicol, Johann Bell, Joanna Johnson, Finbar Kiddle (The Pacific Community, Conservation International, New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade)

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Day 4 - Reports from the 4th Regional Technical Meeting on Coastal Fisheries and Aquaculture and the First Community-Based Fisheries Dialogue
Glen Joseph, Kesaia Tabunakawai (Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority, consultant)

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Day 4 - SPC Member Request Management System
Andrew Smith (The Pacific Community)

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