16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

Sexual harassment is no joke It is not always easy to talk about sexual harassment because it involves talking about relationships, especially power relationships. The perpetrators often claim they were trying to be nice or they were just joking. They may say the harassed person has no sense of humour, or even provoked the attention – ‘asked for it’. Relationships are also embedded in social norms and economic patterns that are rarely questioned and are said to be ‘natural’ or ‘normal’. Today, we explore myths and realities about sexual harassment and we invite you to reflect on your beliefs about human relationships and your own attitudes and behaviour that may cause discomfort and be offensive for your co-workers.

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Sexual harassment is any form of offensive sexual attention that is uninvited and unwelcome. Sexual harassment should never be confused with sexual attraction or flirting. Sexual attraction is by mutual consent. Harassment of any nature is an unacceptable form of social interaction.