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Solomon Islands

SPC/GIZ Coping with Climate Change in the Pacific Islands Region (CCCPIR) programme

Responding to a request from the Solomon Islands Government, cccpir_solomon_islandsChoiseul province was selected as a joint project site for the Choiseul Integrated Climate Change Programme (CHICCHAP), implemented by a partnership of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme, the United Nations Development Programme, the Pacific-Australian Climate Change Science Adaptation Programme, the United States Agency for International Development and The Nature Conservancy.

A vulnerability and adaptation survey was carried out in 27 communities in 2012 and this set the baseline for future activities/implementation. A programme planning workshop took place in January 2013. The programme puts into practice the important requirements for the mainstreaming and integration of climate change into provincial planning, and takes a holistic approach to supporting the development of Choiseul Province in an integrated, ridge-community-reef and ecosystem-based adaptation approach. CHICCHAP focuses on strengthening terrestrial food production systems in five selected communities – Sepa, Loimuni, Loloko, Sasamunga and Vouza.

A Programme Advisory and Information Group was established and a joint workplan developed. Joint missions were carried out in some communities on participatory rural appraisals of agriculture, livestock and forestry adaptation interventions, as well as on fisheries interventions.

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Information to come



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Coping with Climate Change in the Pacific Islands Region (CCCPIR) programme
Solomon Islands