13th Pacific Statistics Steering Committee (PSSC13)

Nadi-Suva, FJ


Heads of Planning and Statistics (HOPS), at their meeting in Noumea, held on 22–26 July 2013, agreed to extend the term of the Pacific Statistical Steering Committee (PSSC) and to revise the Terms of Reference of the Committee, so as to ensure that the Committee continues providing guidance and direction in the strengthening of the National Statistical Systems (NSS) to produce and disseminate quality and timely statistics within the context of Ten Year Pacific Statistics Strategy (TYPSS) by:

  1. Guiding the establishment and development of a framework to achieve the implementation and regular monitoring of TYPSS;
  2. Endorsing common definitions and standards that will underpin a greater harmonization of statistical processes and outputs as mandated by the Pacific Plan;
  3. Providing guidance to the statistical activities undertaken by the Pacific Community (SPC), PFTAC and other statistical providers in the region;
  4. Reviewing the progress of implementation of the TYPSS, to consider and propose action to resolve implementation challenges including the periodic review and revisions to TYPSS based on operational experience; and
  5. When required, act to represent the collective interests of the Chief Statisticians of the region.
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