Intergenerational Dialogue and Learning


The Pacific Community (SPC) is launching an Intergenerational Dialogue and Learning Event to commemorate International Youth Day (IYD) on Friday 19th August, 2020, from 11am-2pm. The theme for IYD is “Youth Engagement for Global Action” and the Intergenerational Dialogue and Learning Event provides a platform for youth to explore how this medium could contribute to youth engagement for global action.

The Event marks the beginning of a series of dialogues that will follow, where different topics will be unpacked and discussed using this methodology. In the wake of COVID-19, our indigenous science, knowledge and practices are becoming increasingly important as Pacific countries experience lengthy lockdowns and border closures. It has reminded all of us about the significant role these practices played in the survival of our people over many centuries and how as Pacific people, we need to learn and relearn our indigenous knowledge and practices to aid our survival during these unprecedented and challenging times.

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SPC, MFAT, DFAT, Pacific Women
Joint Event