Maritime Governance Workshop/ 1st Steering Committee on Flag State Implementation

Suva, Fiji
Suva Fiji

The Workshop on Maritime Governance will be held on 5-6th November. It will review progress in implementation of the Outcomes of the Transport Ministerial Meeting held in Nukualofa, Tonga, in April 2017. It will also provide a platform for participants to dialogue of the subject of good governance and reflect on its implications for their individual Maritime Administrations and countries or territory. The workshop will be facilitated by experts who will guide participants to develop a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework to measure performance of Maritime Administrations and implementation of good governance.


The First Steering Committee of the Pacific MoU on Flag State Implementation on the 7th November will be comprised of the Heads of Maritime Administrations of those countries that are signatories to the Pacific MoU. However, delegates from countries that have not signed are encouraged to attend this meeting. The objective of this meeting is to agree on and put into place the basics elements required for effective implementation of the MoU.