PBEQ Annual Meeting

Coral Coast, Fiji

​This will be the fifth annual meeting of EQAP's governing body, the Pacific Board for Educational Quality (PBEQ). The meeting will follow the PILNA Steering Committee meeting and  the member country consultations that are to be held earlier in the week.

Among the matters for discussion are the implementation of the Pacific Regional Education Framework (PacREF) and the upcoming Forum Education Ministers' Meeting (FEdMM). The PacREF outlines a regional programme of strategies and activities in four education policy areas, aimed at helping Pacific education systems to raise the quality of education. The four policy areas are Quality and Relevance, Learning Pathways, Student Outcome and Wellbeing, and Teaching Professionalism.  

The PBEQ is a sub-committee of SPC's governing council, the Committee of Representatives of Governments and Administrations (CRGA).

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