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Date(s) - 26 Jun 2017 - 29 Jun 2017
All Day

Tanoa International Hotel



The conference will be co-sponsored by the Government of Fiji and the Geoscience Division of the Pacific Community (SPC). The conference is also supported by the Circum-Pacific Council.


Conference Theme

The overall theme of STAR 2017 will be:

“Geosciences and Sustainable Environmental Resources in the Pacific Islands Region”

Although the conference theme is broad, sessions will focus on the following four areas of prime importance to the Pacific Small Island Developing States (PSIDS) and the region:

Resources for Pacific Communities: This theme will draw together topical resource issues. Resources will include issues relating to geological resources (minerals, metals, aggregates, construction minerals, oil, gas, novel hydrocarbons), geothermal energy, water, solar and biological resources.

Ocean Geoscience: This theme will investigate the resource potential and environmental and social monitoring and management issues that relate to the EEZs of PSIDS, including ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC), marine spatial planning, maritime boundaries, wave and tidal energy, Law of the Sea, ocean policy, ocean-atmospheric interactions, tsunami generation and propagation, ocean tectonics, oceanic surveys, and the environment of the ocean floor.

Science of Natural Hazards and Risks to Pacific Communities: This theme will investigate the underlying science and technological aspects that provide PSIDS with the basis for the reduction of risk from natural hazards, including earthquakes and tsunamis, volcanoes and adaptation to climate change.

Land Use and Infrastructure Development on Pacific Islands: This theme will concentrate on the terrestrial, coastal, and nearshore areas and is expected to include examples of on-shore resources, soils, agriculture and the application of GIS and Remote Sensing to the on-shore, coastal and nearshore environment.

However, papers on any topic related to the overall conference theme or the Pacific region in general will also be welcome and will be included in the STAR 2017 Programme where possible.