[VIRTUAL] International Statistical Ecology Conference

Sydney NSW, Australia
Sydney, Australia

The International Statistical Ecology Conference is a biennial meeting of researchers at the interface between ecology and statistics to be held virtually June 22-26, 2020. We have an exciting and diverse scientific program planned at the interface between statistics and ecology, with plenary talks by Christl Donnelly (Imperial College, London), David Borchers (St Andrews), Di Cook (Monash), Kiona Ogle (Northern Arizona) and Mark Bravington (CSIRO), and invited sessions on reproducible science and methods for high throughput community data. The first day will be a skills showcase consisting of 75 minute tutorials in many commonly used statistical ecology tools.

Registration is free anyone undergoing financial hardship, which includes attendees from developing countries.


Anyone wishing to attend or seek a bursary, should contact the organisers directly, SDD is not involved in the workshop or its coordination. 

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