20th Maritime Boundaries Working Session and High-Level Dialogue

  • September 29th-30th - Maritime Boundaries Virtual Working Session Launch
  • November 16th-17th - Maritime Boundaries High-level Dialogue​

In light of the COVID19 pandemic and regional travel restrictions, the 20th Pacific Maritime Boundaries Virtual Working Session will be held virtually, over 6 weeks in October and November. The Session will open with a two-day context-setting and target-identification meeting, followed by 6 weeks during which time the Consortium will work with member states to organise targeted 1-on-1 sessions to work on key targets. Finally, the working session will end with a Virtual High-Level Maritime Boundaries Dialogue on 16-17 November, marking progress over 20 years, looking ahead to the future, and officially launching the Maritime Boundaries Dashboard on the Pacific Data Hub.

Contact: Virginia Rokoua [email protected]

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Pacific Island Maritime Boundaries Consortium of Partners, including FFA, PIFS, OPOC, DFAT, EU, SWEDEN UK Government, Commonwealth Secretariat, GRID-Arendal