Pacific regional transport Officials Meeting 2022

Port Vila, Vanuatu

This meeting is to review and provide updates on progress with the implementation of priorities from the Fourth Pacific Regional Energy and Transport Ministers’ meeting held in Samoa in 2019 and discuss preparations for the Fifth Pacific Regional Energy and Transport Minister’s meeting which is being planned to be held in person in May 2023 in Port Vila, Vanuatu. The main agenda items of the meeting are to:


  1. Receive reports from members about the implementation of priorities in the maritime transport sector highlighted in the 2019 Transport Ministers’ Meeting.

  2. Report on the review of the current Framework for Action on Transport Services 2011- 2020 (FATS);

  3. Review and consider the Recognition Framework for Pacific Ports Vision 2030 - 2050

  4. Discuss current progressive development, issues, and challenges within the regional maritime transport sector; and

  5. Encourage and foster regional co-operation and engagement with internationaldevelopment partners to address our common challenges


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