Workshop on Internal Quality Assurance for Fiji higher education institutions



EQAP's Qualifications unit, in collaboration with the Australia Pacific Training Coalition, is supporting the Fiji Higher Education Commission by conducting a workshop on Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) for higher education institutions based in the nation's Western Division. The internal quality assurance framework incorporates essential processes that provide the opportunity for a training institution to continuously reflect on its systems and processes, to ensure its trainings outcomes are aligned to the needs of learners, communities, regulatory authorities and the industry. The internal quality assurance may include processes such as self-evaluation, review, audit, and stakeholder feedback. These enable education institutions to maintain a high standard of service to its customers, and be deemed "fit for purpose".

EQAP, as a regional quality assurance agency, is mandated to play a strategic role in the quality assurance of higher education and training in the Pacific region. It also works very closely with the national quality assurance agencies in the region, by providing them capability development and any other support needed.​

Joint Event