Il n'est pas trop tard pour sauver les océans - Officiel de la CPS


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Not too late to save oceans - SPC official


From Dateline Pacific, 3:03 pm 25/07/2019

Dominic Godfrey, RNZ

The Pacific Community's oceans' manager says despite worrying signs, it's not too late to reverse the declining state of the world's oceans.

A recent assessment by the UN concluded that the ocean is failing, with declining biodiversity and fish stocks, ocean acidification and sea-level rise.

However, Jens Kruger says there is still time to implement "the science needed for the oceans we want".

He spoke with Dominic Godfrey at the first of a worldwide round of UN consultations which is underway in New Caledonia.






Dominic Godfrey travelled to New Caledonia through SPC's Australian funded Climate and Ocean Support Program in the Pacific (COSPPac).

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