L'Alliance des MNT pour le bien-être des Îles Salomon lutte contre l'un des plus graves problèmes de santé des îles

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Solomon Islands Wellness NCD Alliance is fighting one of the Islands most serious health challenges

Approximately 70% of deaths in Solomon Islands are due to Non-Communicable Diseases or NCDs. The prevention and control of NCDs is a priority for this Island nation that demands a whole of society response, with engagement from all relevant agencies and organisations.

In recognition of this health crisis the Solomon Islands Wellness Non- Communicable Disease Alliance (WNCDA-SI) was established in June 2019. Made up of faith-based organisations, non-governmental organisations including women and youth and representatives from the media organisation its mission was to help the Ministry of Health & Medical Services (MHMS)  coordinate multisectoral activities to address NCD-related national issues to advance progress towards the meeting  NCD strategic targets.

Stakeholders met in October of this year to review their progress and discuss their experiences since the creation of the Alliance.

Dr Geoffrey Kenilorea, the NCD Director for the Solomon Islands Ministry of Health & Medical Services chaired and coordinated the 3-day workshop. His reflections were “This workshop highlighted that such initiatives to broaden the base to involve all non-state actors will be a momentous one in the history of advancing NCD agenda in the Solomon Islands. WNCDA-SI Alliance will truly embody the key result areas of the MHMS pertaining to building partnership framework and its realization”

Reverend George Fafale a participant at this workshop reiterated the importance of working together in the fight against NCD. “We can beat NCD through conscious collaborative effort asserted by all.”

The Pacific Community’s (SPC) Public Health Division had been working closely with countries to provide technical advice and support with championing NCD prevention and control.

SPC’s Team Leader for Non-Communicable Diseases Prevention and Control Programme, Dr Si Thu Win Tin said that multi sectoral approach and collaboration is important when it comes to implementing national NCD strategic plans.

“We encourage stakeholders to work together with health ministry’s so that set targets are achieved with the reduction of NCDs and strengthening of polices and legislations that will contribute towards and healthy and robust nation.”

More collaborative work is expected to continue with PICTs in the future as it scales up efforts in the fight against NCDs.

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