Des fiches d’information sur la relance de l’agriculture ont été distribuées aux Tonga et dans la région après l’éruption catastrophique qui a touché les Tonga


L’éruption massive du volcan Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’aipi en janvier 2022 a dévasté des villages entiers et aura des effets à long terme sur l’agriculture tongienne. Face à cette situation, la Division ressources terrestres de la CPS a consulté ses spécialistes de l’agriculture et des sols pour réaliser une série de fiches d’information qui aidera les cultivateurs et éleveurs à résoudre les problèmes générés par l’éruption.

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The massive eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’aipi volcano in January 2022 has devastated communities and will have far-reaching effects on Tonga agriculture.

SPC’s Land Resources Division (LRD) has responded by consulting its agriculture and soil experts to produce a series of information sheets that will guide crop and livestock farmers on how to respond to challenges in the eruption’s aftermath.

The sheets focus on emergency response for cattle, pigs, chickens, ducks, goats, sheep and horses, as well as the impacts of volcanic ashfall and saltwater inundation on agriculture.

These sheets can serve as important sources of information for farmers in Tonga as they look towards rebuilding their livelihoods after initial response efforts focused on their families and households,” said Karen Mapusua, LRD Director. “LRD will continue to provide information and expertise to our fellow Pacific Islanders as long as needed during Tonga’s journey back to a thriving and resilient agriculture sector.”

In addition to dissemination on SPC's website and on SPC's social media channels, the information sheets will be distributed throughout LRD’s extensive network of Tongan partners and contacts. LRD’s Sustainable Agriculture team will also remain attentive to recovery efforts, ready to provide additional information and expertise throughout 2022 and beyond.

Access the information sheets at:

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