Rapport d'analyse comparative des régulateurs de l'énergie du Pacifique pour promouvoir de bonnes pratiques réglementaires

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Pacific energy regulators now have a benchmarking report to help them promote good regulatory practices and common standards among its members and provide benchmarks for future assessments regarding the key functions and capabilities of energy regulatory authorities.

The report titled "Energy Regulatory Survey and Assessment Report for the Pacific Islands" was developed by the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) in collaboration with the Office of the Pacific Energy Regulators Alliance (OPERA) with technical assistance from the Asian Development Bank.

The report contributes to OPERA's operationalisation as an information clearinghouse to promote good regulatory practices and common standards amongst its members and provide benchmarks for future assessments regarding the key functions and capabilities of energy regulatory authorities. NARUC surveyed 11 energy regulators from Pacific island states and territories for comparison, including Fiji, Palau, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, Nauru, Niue, Tuvalu, the Cook Islands, the Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea.

According to NARUC, "this report is designed to be a baseline document about energy regulation in the Pacific islands and covers the unique challenges that the Pacific island countries face as well as recommendations on how to overcome them through enhancing regulatory frameworks. We hope it is useful to OPERA members and others in the energy sector as they focus on:

  1. Developing renewable energy as a means of strengthening energy security and resilience.
  2. Increasing access to affordable, reliable electricity.
  3. Promoting investment in energy infrastructure."

OPERA, hosted by the Pacific Community (SPC),  is the only regional forum for energy regulators in the Pacific. It strengthens the decision-making skills and technical capacities of its members responsible for utility regulation. Regional harmonization of best practices is a priority for OPERA members.

OPERA leadership praises the report's publication, representing another step for the "Blue Pacific Continent moving forward together!"

The Benchmarking study is available on the OPERA webpage.


OPERA is a regional platform to support knowledge transfer and training.

The Pacific Energy Regulators oversee their national energy sectors, implement energy policies, and pursue public goals to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all. Decision-making for energy regulators is a complex task requiring tradeoffs and balance between utilities' and customers' interests. The OPERA is a forum for energy regulators in the Pacific Islands region to enhance members' regulatory decision-making skills and technical capacities. The energy regulators of Samoa, Tonga, and Vanuatu established OPERA in December 2016 with the assistance of the Pacific Community (SPC) and ADB. Their core activities include providing members with technical training, knowledge sharing, and technical regulatory support.

Media contacts: Col. (Ret'd) Siamelie Latu - Chairperson OPERA, CEO Tonga Energy Commission (TEC) | [email protected]

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