Zoom sur les pêches : collecte de données pour analyser l’efficacité des DCP ancrés et comment ils améliorent les moyens de subsistance des communautés côtières


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This week, these Coastal Fisheries Data Collectors from Kadavu, Fij, boarded a ferry to meet SPC's colleagues in Suva, to receive new tablets. They will use them to continue collecting data related to their artisanal fisheries.

The landing data they collect include fishing locations, effort, methods, gear, catches and end-use. These new tablets will replace their old ones that they have been using since 2017.

SPC is assisting its 22 Pacific Island member countries and territories to use electronic applications to gather fisheries data and information. For Kadavu, the data collection, via SPC's TAILS tablet app, aims to better understand the effectiveness of the anchored Fish Aggregating Devices and how they improve livelihoods of the coastal communities in the province. 

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