L'info verte : mener une action climatique en profondeur est nécessaire pour protéger le Pacifique face aux changements environnementaux


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Pacific Islands are scattered across 1/3 of the earth.

On Earth Day let's remember transformative climate action is urgently needed to protect the most important reservoir of terrestrial and marine biodiversity from environmental changes.

On Pacific islands, small land areas increase the impact of the biodiversity crisis, as very few options are available to local species in case of habitat loss due to sea level rise and other challenges. The possibility for them to migrate to other places with similar habitats is very limited or non-existent as many of these islands are separated by vast distances of ocean. Much more needs to be done as well to protect marine biodiversity across the Pacific, as climate variability and the impact of climate change negatively affect marine environments. Capacity building and funding will be key to improving data collection, analysis and management.

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