Zoom sur les pêches : Charles Cuewapuru, un observateur néo-calédonien, vient de recevoir une formation sur l'échantillonnage biologique avancé de la CPS


Charles Cuewapuru is an experienced New Caledonian observer, who has been working at sea on longliners since 2002. SPC’s FAME Division recently trained him in advanced biological sampling techniques. Since then, Charles has been collecting high quality samples to support four projects:

- on albacore genetics,

- on monitoring potential plastic and persistent organic pollutants such as pesticides in skipjack and yellowfin,

- on fatty acids in bigeye tuna and swordfish, and on monitoring mercury levels in marlin and swordfish.

Each year, SPC and its members collect thousands of fish biological samples in the Western Central Pacific Ocean to monitor the ecosystems which support them and the impacts of fishing.

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