Education dans le Pacifique : De bonnes données sont essentielles pour prendre des décisions éclairées et suivre les progrès


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Good education data is essential for Pacific Education systems to gauge the impact of education policies and make sound education decisions. The data is also needed to calculate PIC’s progress toward achieving the targets of SDG4 and the Pacific Regional Education Framework (PacREF). It is also the right of citizens to have access to their national education data.

At the global level, countries have an obligation to report on this by completing the annual questionnaire from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics UIS - the global agency tasked with monitoring countries' progress on SDG4. For the Pacific, this reporting has improved over the last two years since a joint EQAP-UIS intervention to support education systems' statistical reporting.

Read this blog by EQAP's Education Statistician Gregory Keeble to better understand the importance of education data and how your right to quality education denotes your right to timely education data.

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