Le chiffre de la semaine : 0,63 est le score moyen de l'indice 2020 pour l'adoption et la mise en œuvre de stratégies nationales de réduction des risques de catastrophe conformément au cadre de Sendai


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0.63: The average 2020 index score for adoption and implementation of national Disaster Risk Reduction strategies in line with the Sendai Framework, for the 12 Pacific Island countries and territories (PICTs) with a score (out of a maximum of 1.0).


Over the last two decades, more than 90% of major disasters have been caused by floods, storms, heatwaves, droughts and other weather-related events that are expected to increase in frequency and severity as a consequence of climate change. These events, in turn, can trigger or contribute to wildfires, famine, health emergencies, and other disasters. The Sendai Framework recognises that reducing the risk of these disasters is a fundamental aspect of climate change adaptation and sustainable development. (Source: SDG13 Climate Action, UNISDR)


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