Le chiffre de la semaine : 76 est le score moyen de capacité nationale de préparation sanitaire parmi les neuf pays du Pacifique avec un score


(contenu disponible en anglais uniquement)

Average National Health Preparedness capacity score (self reported out of 100) among the nine Pacific countries with a score. This measures the ability to respond to a public health emergency. 

Today we celebrate International Day of Epidemic Preparedness. 

As exemplified by the ongoing coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic major infectious diseases and epidemics have devastating impacts on human lives, wreaking havoc on long-term social and economic development. Global health crises threaten to overwhelm already overstretched health systems, disrupt global supply chains and cause disproportionate devastation of the livelihoods of people, including women and children, and the economies of the poorest and most vulnerable countries.

There is an urgent need to have resilient and robust health systems, reaching those who are vulnerable or in vulnerable situations. (Source: United Nations)

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