L'info verte : Vanuatu - Lutter contre le changement climatique, c'est protéger les droits de la personne


Vanuatu - Addressing climate change is safeguarding human rights

Bob Loughman Weibur, Prime minister of the Republic of Vanuatu, published an opinion piece in Newsweek, enhancing the fact that the climate crisis is a human rights crisis. According to him, local farmers and fishers, island women, men and young people shouldered the massive gaps in climate action and support.

Indeed, "climate change represents the single greatest threat to Pacific Islanders and the Pacific way of life", he said. "Vanuatu is not responsible for these impacts, contributing to less than 0.0018 percent of global emissions", but its people face some of the most devastating consequences.

Vanuatu, along with the world's most vulnerable nations, have articulated clearly that their pressing financial and technical needs to address these climate impacts, losses and damages are not being met by current climate financial mechanisms, nor by existing humanitarian response systems.

"This is why Vanuatu is calling for the U.N. General Assembly to support a resolution toward a non-binding and non-contentious advisory opinion on climate change from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to foster ambition in the climate pledges made by states, crucial for the success of the Paris agreement." 

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