L'info verte : La CPS a participé au Dialogue Structuré du GCF avec l'Asie et le Pacifique


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Green News: SPC participated in the Green Climate Fund’s Regional Programming Dialogue with Asia and the Pacific 

SPC's Climate Finance Unit (CFU) actively engaged in the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Regional Programming Dialogue with Asia and the Pacific. This significant event fostered collaboration among partners and stakeholders from both regions, facilitating knowledge exchange and promoting collective action on local and global climate initiatives. Importantly, participants had the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the GCF Secretariat, further strengthening relationships and enhancing cooperation.

Demonstrating a strong sense of unity, Pacific Island Countries confirmed their commitment to progress by establishing the Pacific Regional Programming Initiative. This initiative includes the formation of a project drafting committee and ensures a coherent and coordinated approach to climate finance programming in preparation for the Pacific Leaders meeting and COP28.

More details are available on this page.

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