Les avantages du partenariat entre le Bureau australien de la statistique (ABS) et la Communauté du Pacifique, un blog de Hugh Stehlik, ABS


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The benefits of the partnership between the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Pacific Community, a blog by Hugh Stehlik, ABS

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has a long-standing relationship with the Pacific Community (SPC), including contributing technical expertise, support and assistance to the Ten Year Pacific Statistics Strategy (2010-2020) which is led by the SPC Statistics for Development Division. The partnership between the two organisations in the context of data management and dissemination has been of great benefit to both organisations and more broadly for the international data community.

SPC has done an amazing job launching the innovative Pacific Data Hub, a site that hosts thousands of public datasets about the Pacific. The Pacific Data Hub.Stat (PDH.stat) platform is built using the .Stat Suite developed by the Statistical Information System Collaboration Community (SIS-CC). PDH.stat enables the dissemination of high-quality curated statistical data to a wide audience as a “public good”. There are also a range of PDH.stat powered dashboards and visualisations hosted within the PDH and on sister sites, which add additional value by providing user-friendly representations of the data.

ABS is working towards a similar approach to visualising .Stat Suite data through our website, and we are learning a lot from the work of SPC. We have been happy to share our experience about .Stat Suite and the Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange standard (SDMX), assisting SPC with data modelling and the initial set up for Pacific Data Hub .Stat and Data Explorer.

SPC and ABS have an extended collaboration through several parallel initiatives – 1) CSIRO’s Data61 is working closely with ABS to improve access to SDMX data through the Australian National Map, and with SPC to improve access to SDMX data through PacificMap; 2) The ABS has also been working with ESRI to develop a plugin which allows users to consume .stat suite datasets easily in the ESRI suite of geospatial software, further expanding the range of tools which can connect directly to .stat suite datasets.

SPC has also made great contributions to the SIS-CC community that develops .Stat, advocating for important features that have benefitted the whole community. One such feature is the ability to link directly to a custom table layout in Data Explorer. SPC was instrumental in this functionality being added to the system, and the ABS is planning to make significant use of it.

I look forward to a great ongoing relationship between ABS and SPC that continues to drive innovation at both organisations.

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Hugh Stehlik

Assistant Director, Dissemination APIs and Infrastructure, Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

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