Podcast Pacific Way : S03-E01 - Réflexion sur les défis et impacts de la COVID-19 en 2020

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Reflection on 2020- COVID challenges and impacts: PW Podcast S03-E01

Bula, bon jour, and welcome to a new season of the Pacific Way Podcast.

In this season opener, we take a journey back to 2020 and look at how, we as people of the pacific are working to overcome the challenges and impacts of COVID 19.

Despite the difficulties, the Pacific Community has continued to serve its members through innovation and determination thanks to the strong support and collaboration from donor partners, CROP agencies and the World Health Organisation.

Renewed partnerships with the Governments of Australia, New Zealand and the European Union will mean better coordinated assistance for member countries with focus on increased health capacity, food security, diversification of aquaculture and agriculture for income generation.

We also explore how the region came together to initiate the Pacific Humanitarian Pathway and review some of the new projects earmarked for implementation in 2021.


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