Journée internationale de la femme 2022 — L'énergie n'est pas seulement une affaire d'homme


Koin Etuati, the Pacific Community, FSM Sustainable Energy (FSM.SE) Project Implementation Adviser, Geoscience, Energy and Maritime Division.

Having worked in the energy sector in the past 15 years it has made me realise that energy work is not for only for men. Women can also lead great careers in the sector with the proper qualifications, experience, and a focussed mind, we can progress well in the different energy sector work including research, awareness raising, planning, policy formulation, project implementation and in technical and installation work.  

Energy is not a ‘one-man’ job, it should include everyone at national, state, local and household levels that includes men, women, youth, and children.  

Everyone needs to understand how energy is produced, how it is converted to our daily usages, distributed to our homes and how we use it. It is also something that we should conserve and find ways to use efficiently across our households and offices to ensure access to energy is affordable, clean and reliable for every community across the Pacific., 

At SPC we work alongside Pacific States to support access to and the development of effective policies around energy.  

Koin Etuati is currently based in the Federated States of Micronesia working alongside our Government Member to increase access to energy as part of the FSM Sustainable Energy Project. This project will increase access to energy for communities in Chuuk and supports work across the country to drive increased access to renewable forms of energy for the FSM.  

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