Tutoriels sur la pêche – une série légère au message sérieux


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Fish and Tips – a lighthearted series with a serious message

To address the growing need to provide alternative livelihood options to Pacific Island fishing communities, the coastal fisheries team is currently developing an information toolkit on nearshore fishing practices, focusing on the more resilient pelagic species.

But how do you show someone how to troll with natural bait or how to prepare your drop stone when you cannot sit in the same fishing boat?

Fish and Tips, a series of training videos that takes an informative yet humorous look at a number of fishing styles that will have you catching a feed in no time.  

Pacific Community Fisheries Development Officer (Fishing Technology), William Sokimi, who hosts the series says the videos are designed to be accessible to anyone.

“We’ve made it so that anyone can watch them and make use of the techniques shown”, he said.

And while the series is lighthearted in style, its reason for being is anything but.

“Teaching fishing styles is really important as different fishing techniques can help target different species of fish which can in turn help fishers diversify their catch. This can provide an alternative livelihood or strengthen an existing one. “ said William.

Focused on trolling practices, season 01 of Fish and tips can be viewed here.

For more information:
Céline Muron, Coastal and Community Fisheries Information and Outreach Officer, Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems (FAME) Division, SPC | [email protected]
Dave Wardell, Communications Officer, Corporate Communications Office, SPC | [email protected]


This project was produced with financial support from the European Union, the Government of Sweden, and the New Zealand Aid Programme. The contents of the videos do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union, the Government of Sweden, or the Government of New Zealand.

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