Le manuel de formation sur les lignes directrices du Pacifique pour une vie saine maintenant disponible


(disponible en anglais uniquement)

The Pacific Community’s (SPC) Public Health Division (PHD) has published the “Training manual for Pacific guidelines for healthy living”.

The training manual has been developed as a tool to facilitate and support the implementation of the Pacific guidelines for healthy living.  It will further strengthen the skills of all health and nutrition educators, education officers and community health workers to communicate and promote key messages outlined in this guideline.

Dr Si Thu Win Tin, PHD’s team leader for the Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Control programme said effective communication paves the path to behaviour change that promotes healthy eating and lifestyle for long term health outcomes.

He adds, “Building and strengthening skills of health educators to communicate evidence based and Pacific focused information is critical for sustainable behavioural change which will lead to reduced prevalence of NCD risk factors”.

The manual contains learning materials and presentations that correspond with guideline and can be adapted to suit the context and specific needs of country and participants.

The training manual for Pacific guidelines for health living is available in English and will be followed by a French version.

The online English version can be accessed here:  http://purl.org/spc/digilib/doc/5zp8r


Media contacts:
Evlyn Mani, Information and Communications Officer (PHD) | E: [email protected]
Solene Bertrand, Non-Communicable Diseases Adviser (PHD) | E: [email protected]
Elisiva Na'ati, Non-Communicable Diseases Adviser (PHD) | E: [email protected]

Useful links:
SPC Website: www.spc.int
PHD website: https://phd.spc.int/

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