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The operator that is in charge of the implementation of the RESCCUE project in Fiji, under the dual oversight from SPC and the Fiji Government, is the University of the South Pacific Institute of Applied Science, together with Landcare Research, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Conservation International and the Fiji Environmental Law Association.

Contact: Isoa Korovulavula – [email protected]

Ministry of Local Government, Housing and Environment

Contact: Sarah Tawaka, Senior Environment Officer, Department of the Environment – [email protected]

Les activités à mettre en œuvre concernent les provinces de Ra et de Kadavu

Special emphasis is placed on consistency and synergy with the policies and activities of the Fiji Government’s various departments and Ra and Kadavu Provinces local government authorities. The operator is also expected to work very closely with other integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) projects implemented in Fiji as a whole and specifically in Ra and Kadavu Provinces.

Support for implementing integrated coastal zone management plans

In 2009, the National Environment Council granted approval for setting up a National Integrated Coastal Management Committee (ICMC) to supervise provincial ICM projects and prepare the future national plan.

Ra province received its first provincial ICM committee in 2012 tasked with overseeing collaboration between the various stakeholders, i.e. communities, government, NGOs and the private sector, etc., for developing a provincial ICM plan. It was approved in September 2016 by the Provincial Council, becoming Fiji’s first ICM plan and the first co-ordinated by RESCCUE.  Implementing it has become the driving factor behind RESCCUE’s various activities in the province.

In Kadavu Province, the operator is providing assistance for setting up an ICM committee and developing its provincial plan based on experience in Ra Province.

Management activities

RESCCUE activities Ra Province Kadavu Province
Developing a provincial ICM plan X X
Promoting and implementing alternative household waste management methods X  
District and private-sector sewage management X  
Improving freshwater fishing practices and defining protected areas in watercourses X X
Restoring riverbanks X X
Assisting with community MPAs and locally-managed marine areas plus sustainable coastal fishing practices X X
Restoring and protecting mangroves X X
Controlling coastal erosion X  
Promoting and trialling more sustainable growing and animal-husbandry practices X X
Reforestation and promoting sustainable agroforestry models X X

Climate-change adaptation (CCA)

RESCCUE provides support to the Republic of Fiji’s national climate change policy and the following activities are co-ordinated by the operator:In climate-change adaptation, synergies with other projects are very important for any measures taken to have a genuine impact. RESCCUE collaborates especially with the following projects:

  • the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) PEBACC (Pacific ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change)
  • GIZ’s MACBIO (Marine and coastal biodiversity management in Pacific island countries)

Capacity building

Special emphasis is placed on capacity building to ensure the outcomes obtained and management methods introduced remain sustainable, namely by:

  • Strengthening Ra Province’s civil society, i.e. improving knowledge/education, including in law, setting up discussion forums with local authorities, improving the understanding and monitoring of environmental impact assessments
  • Strengthening the provincial ICM committees
  • Supporting and co-ordinating national legislation adaptation at provincial level in provincial policies and sector-based departments


Economic toolkit for implementing and guiding public policies

RESCCUE carries out economic assessments to quantify ecosystem services.It also identifies and develops innovative economic and financial mechanisms. An economic, financial and political feasibility study has been conducted for Ra Province with a view to:

  • Describing current economic and financial mechanisms, such as the Sovi Basin Trust Fund and REDD+ funding
  • Highlighting the related challenges and opportunities
  • Identifying appropriate mechanisms for ICM and the keys to successfully develop them
  • Providing a detailed analysis of possible RESCCUE support options for setting up and managing a protected area off Vatu-i-Ra, developing a management plan and a Marine Conservation Agreement.

In Kadavu Province, RESCCUE aims at identifying mechanisms to help transition to organic farming.