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Socioeconomic Monitoring Training (TONGA) - Virtual

Fisheries story: récupération des marques

Fisheries Story series (contenu disponible en anglais uniquement) This tuna fish, 1 out of the 5 found from the same boat, was caught nearly 700 miles away and 91 days after it was tagged and released by SPC during its 2020 tagging cruise. Shout out to…

RTMCF #4 (last day)

35th ICRI General Meeting

In light of the current global situation related to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the ICRI Secretariat will organise a virtual General Meeting the week of February 1st, 2021. The 3 following sessions will be held:

L'info verte : blanchiment des coraux

L'info verte en bref : blanchiment des coraux (contenu disponible en anglais uniquement) Coral reefs are among the planet’s most diverse and valuable ecosystems and provide a key source of food and livelihoods for people across the Pacific Islands region…

Qu'est-ce que la CPS ? - Présentation de la Division pêches, aquaculture et écosystèmes marins

(contenu disponible en anglais uniquement) With almost 90% of households eating fish or seafood weekly, fisheries are now more important than ever for food security and livelihoods in the region.

Regional Technical Meeting for Coastal Fisheries (RTMCF#4)

Annual Pre-assessment workshop (PAW)

​This is the annual pre-assessment workshop for oceanic fisheries which includes tuna, billfish and some sharks species.

Fish aggregating devices (FADs)

Fish Agregating Device (FAD) training - Cook Islands (virtual)

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