World Ocean's Day

Ocean Science Fact: 99% des coraux constructeurs de récifs sont menacés par le réchauffement climatique

Some habitat-forming coastal ecosystems including many coral reefs, and seagrass meadows, will undergo irreversible phase shifts due to marine heatwaves with global warming levels >1.5°C.  Source: IPCC Report  

Protéger notre océan

La santé de nos océans est naturellement liée à la santé des population et de notre planète. Il nous faut donc agir de toute urgence pour stopper cette spirale infernale et inverser la tendance.

Stat of the week: 1.97 million km2 de la zone économique exclusive des îles Cook sont couverts par des zones marines protégées.

Did you know? 1.97 million km2 of the Cook Islands Exclusive Economic Zone are covered by marine protected areas.

Opening Remarks by Dr. Stuart Minchin, Director-General of the Pacific Community at the Blue Climate Summit

Check against delivery   Opening Remarks by Dr. Stuart Minchin, Director-General of the Pacific Community Blue Climate Summit French Polynesia  

RNZ: The Director General of the Pacific Community says accessing climate finance remains a challenge in the Pacific.

Ocean Science Fact: Les prises de poissons dans certaines parties du Pacifique devraient diminuer d'au moins la moitié d'ici 2100

(Contenu disponible en anglais uniquement) Climate change is expected to have disastrous impacts on island food security and food systems. Most Pacific Island Countries could experience ≥ 50% declines in maximum fish catch potential by 2100 relative to…

Ocean Science Fact : Le point Nemo est l'endroit le plus reculé de la planète

Have you ever heard of the Point Nemo? It is the most remote place on the planet, situated 2,700 km from any emerged land (Pitcairn, Easter Island and the Antartica). It is also known as the “ocean pole of inaccessibility.” The Point Nemo is named after…

Vaka Moana: Accessible Ocean Lab

​The 'Vaka Moana: Data Visualisation Tools for an Accessible Pacific Ocean' satellite event is part of a series of Pacific contributions to the UN Ocean Decade global event. This satellite event will focus on the theme of an 'Accessible Pacific Ocean'…

Ocean Science Fact: Le corail est une colonie de petits animaux

Coral is constituted of tiny animals which are generally highly sensitive to water temperature and acidity. Though, some coral species can survive in extreme conditions, such as deep-sea or warm and low-pH environments.  Learn more at: https://www.spc.…
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