Le chiffre de la semaine : 70 % des zones marines clés pour la biodiversité des Palau sont couvertes par des aires protégées

Did you know? In 2019, it was estimated that 70% of Palau's marine key biodiversity areas were covered by protected areas. 

Stat of the week: 1.97 million km2 de la zone économique exclusive des îles Cook sont couverts par des zones marines protégées.

Did you know? 1.97 million km2 of the Cook Islands Exclusive Economic Zone are covered by marine protected areas.

Le chiffre de la semaine : La pêche durable contribue à 10 % du PIB des Îles Marshall


Vaka Moana: Accessible Ocean Lab

​The 'Vaka Moana: Data Visualisation Tools for an Accessible Pacific Ocean' satellite event is part of a series of Pacific contributions to the UN Ocean Decade global event. This satellite event will focus on the theme of an 'Accessible Pacific Ocean'…

Stat of the week: Papua New Guinea produced nearly 46,000 tonnes of cocoa beans in 2019

Did you know that PNG was the 12th largest producer of cocoa beans in 2019, producing nearly 46,000 tonnes?  

Adopter l’open data (données ouvertes)

Adopter l’open data (données ouvertes) – Qu’est-ce que l’open data ? Pourquoi est-ce important ? Comment ces données ouvertes, leur analyse et leur diffusion appuient-elles la bonne gouvernance et la prise de décision des pouvoirs publics dans le…

Stat of the week: Les terres agricoles des îles Marshall représentent environ 47,8 % de la superficie totale des terres

Did you know that agricultural land in Marshall Islands makes up an estimated 47.8% of the total land area?  

Le chiffre de la semaine : La Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée compte environ 35,9 millions d'hectares de forêt

  Did you know? Papua New Guinea has an estimated 35,855,760 million hectares of forest.   Did you know? For millions of people across the world, wood helps provide safe drinking water, food and shelter - but wood can do much more and is a renewable…

🔎 Décryptage : qu'est-ce que l'analyse de données ?

Data analysis is the process of developing answers to questions or issues through the examination and interpretation of data. It involves presenting data findings in a way that supports policy and decision making and is easy to interpret, In short, data…

Open Data for Good Governance

Registrations are open for our 3-part Open Data for Good Governance data analysis and dissemination webinars.  March 3, 10 & 17 (9-12 New Caledonia time) Learn more about the benefits and importance of Open Data, data analysis and dissemination. …
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