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Microbiology Training to strengthen AMR Surveillance & Control and IPC

Le Pacifique infesté par les chenilles légionnaires

(disponible en anglais uniquement) Armyworm infestation breaches the Pacific​ The recent spread of Spodoptera frugiperda, or Fall Armyworm (FAW), in Papua New Guinea’s Western Province is causing concern in the Pacific region.  Fall armyworm is a pest…

Microbiology training to strengthen AMR Surveillance & Control & shipping of infectious substances training

Shipping of Infectious Substance Training

Workshop 2 on the development of the ‘Manual on surveillance and control of Aedes vectors in the Pacific’

The specific objectives of the Manual are: An easy-to-follow reference guide for surveillance and control of Aedes vectors that is appropriate to the various contexts of Pacific Island countries and territories A document that can serve as a reference…

Training for shipping infectious substances

Dangerous Goods Training designed for medical laboratory personnel on 'General awareness, function specifc and security awareness for shipping infectious substances (Category A & B), and other related hazardous materials'. This course qualifies…
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