Programme océanien de soutien climat et océans (COSPPac)

Un marégraphe de pointe aux Tonga

(disponible en anglais uniquement) State of the art Tonga tide gauge With support from the Australian Government, the Tongan Government, and the Pacific Community (SPC), a tide gauge has been recording sea level and climate information in Tonga since…

"Thank an Oceanographer!"

(disponible en anglais uniquement) Pacific features in Global Ocean Observing Conference “When you’re sick, you go to the doctor. Our oceans are sick and we need the scientists and experts to help us understand what is wrong and how to get better.” –…

'Failing but not yet failed': we need to improve ocean health Jul 23, 2019 

'Failing but not yet failed': we need to improve ocean health Jul 23, 2019  By  Samantha Magick  

Nos besoins scientifiques pour un océan plus durable

(disponible en anglais uniquement)

Travailler ensemble pour notre océan

L’océan a un impact considérable sur la vie de tous les Océaniens. Assurer la durabilité de l'océan pour les générations futures est au centre des discussions et des stratégies mondiales. Dans le Pacifique, le Vanuatu montre la voie des sciences de la…

SPC maritime experts reflect on their experience in Remote Sensing Summer School

Using our earth to understand the impact climate change and disasters have on the Pacific and its islands is critical.  At the Pacific Community’s (SPC) Geoscience, Energy and Maritime Division (GEM) this understanding and knowledge underpins all of the…

Climate Information for Early Action in Tuvalu

Enhanced national climate outlook and drought advisory services leading to improved early disaster preparedness action by stakeholders.  
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