Ocean Science Fact: Les prises de poissons dans certaines parties du Pacifique devraient diminuer d'au moins la moitié d'ici 2100

(Contenu disponible en anglais uniquement) Climate change is expected to have disastrous impacts on island food security and food systems. Most Pacific Island Countries could experience ≥ 50% declines in maximum fish catch potential by 2100 relative to…

Systèmes alimentaires bleus : éléments essentiels d'une économie bleue résiliente au changement climatique dans le Pacifique

The ocean is at the centre of Pacific Food Systems.  Discover some crucial components of Climate-Resilient Blue Economy in the Pacific.  

At the Palau Our Ocean Conference, key partners mobilize action on blue foods

At the side event titled “Blue Foods: Crucial Component to a Climate-Resilient Blue Economy in Global Communities” held yesterday at the Our Ocean Conference in Palau, a multi-sectoral group of stakeholders outlined the efforts to bring blue foods into…

Our blue pacific food systems: Land and sea

In 2021, the Pacific Food Systems Dialogue brought together governments, NGOs, scientists and researchers, and community representatives from across the Pacific. The aim of the 2021 Dialogue was to produce recommendations for a set of game changing…

Stat of the week: il est estimé que les îles Salomon ont produit près de 7000 tonnes de légumineuses en 2019

(Contenu disponible en anglais uniquement) It is estimated that the Solomon Islands produced nearly 7000 tonnes of pulses in 2019.  Did you know? Pulses are important crops for: Nutritional value Food security Environmental benefits For more…

Bougainville renforce ses systèmes alimentaires pour faire face à la COVID-19

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, food systems in Papua New Guinea were already under constant threat from both natural and human-made factors such as natural disasters, pests, and disease infestation (African Swine Fever, Fall Army Worm), climatic…

"J'ai grandi entouré de fleurs et de cultures. Maintenant, je dirige la plus grande banque de gènes végétaux du Pacifique"

(contenu disponible en anglais uniquement)  

Construire l'avenir des systèmes alimentaires du Pacifique

Le Sommet sur les systèmes alimentaires, organisé le 23 septembre dernier à New York, a permis au monde entier de lancer une réflexion collective sur des solutions à l’un des grands défis de notre temps : transformer les systèmes qui rendent possibles…

Assurer l'avenir des systèmes alimentaires avec les connaissances traditionnelles

Securing the future with traditional knowledge In Tonga, community elders are passing down the ancient art of carving canoes to help the youth build sustainable livelihoods. Video produced by Alexandre Brecher, Corporate Communications Office

Transmettre les traditions agricoles pour protéger les systèmes alimentaires

Passing on farming traditions to protect food systems In Tonga, a local organization is setting up organic farming projects to enable young people to learn from elders how to generate some revenue while protecting the country's food systems.  
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