Stat of the week: Nearly everyone in Tonga is covered by at least a 3G mobile network

Nearly everyone in Tonga is covered by at least a 3G mobile network (99% in 2019). This is a great improvement on the estimated 15% coverage in 2013. Information and communications technology can alleviate the challenges of distance and isolation,…

What do the statistics tell us about the impacts of the COVID-19 on PICT economies

A new paper by SPC Statistics Advisor-Strategic Planning Monitoring Analysis, Elizabeth Ragimana and SPC Data Analysis and Dissemination Manager, David Abbott reveals how almost eighteen months on since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide,…

Le NDC Hub aidera les Tonga à promouvoir les plans climatiques nationaux auprès du grand public

(contenu disponible en anglais uniquement)

Atoll Nation of Tuvalu Adopts ‘Cubes’ to Step Up Nutritious Food Production

Atoll Nation of Tuvalu Adopts ‘Cubes’ to Step Up Nutritious Food Production By Catherine Wilson Tuvalu’s farmers have watched their crops destroyed by extreme tropical weather. They are now using Funafala 'food cubes' to have greater control over their…

De nouvelles unités avicoles pour stimuler l'industrie de l'élevage au Samoa

New poultry units to boost Samoa livestock industry Five new poultry farming units have been opened in Samoa as part of the island nation’s ongoing efforts to reduce reliance on imported meat. The units were constructed as part of the Pacific Regional…

Assurer l'avenir des systèmes alimentaires avec les connaissances traditionnelles

Securing the future with traditional knowledge In Tonga, community elders are passing down the ancient art of carving canoes to help the youth build sustainable livelihoods. Video produced by Alexandre Brecher, Corporate Communications Office

Transmettre les traditions agricoles pour protéger les systèmes alimentaires

Passing on farming traditions to protect food systems In Tonga, a local organization is setting up organic farming projects to enable young people to learn from elders how to generate some revenue while protecting the country's food systems.  

La Nouvelle-Calédonie, la Polynésie française ainsi que Wallis et Futuna s’engagent vers les systèmes alimentaires durables et résilients

photo : Marama Production Les Pays et Territoires d’Outre-Mer (PTOM) du Pacifique doivent faire face à de nombreux défis environnementaux, économiques ou sanitaires – on pense à la pandémie de COVID-19 – qui remettent en question la durabilité et la…

Une installation de test en temps réel aide les Îles Cook à faire face à la menace COVID-19

(contenu disponible en anglais uniquement) Real-time testing facility helps the Cook Islands face the COVID-19 threat Thanks to financial and in-kind support from New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), the Pacific Community has been…

Découvrez le réseau de fermes de démonstration en agroécologie de Wallis et Futuna

A Wallis et Futuna, sept agriculteurs font partie du réseau de fermes de démonstration en agroécologie PROTEGE.
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