Coopération régionale autour du COVID-19 : la déclaration du CROP

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Pacific Islands Forum Foreign Ministers Agree to Establish a Pacific Humanitarian Pathway on COVID -19

This is a media release from the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS). The original post can be found here. Pacific Islands Forum Foreign Ministers Agree to Establish a Pacific Humanitarian Pathway on COVID -19  

Les responsables mélanésiens prennent position contre la violence familiale, sexuelle et sexiste dans la sous-région

Au terme de sa première conférence sous-régionale sur l’élimination de la violence familiale, sexuelle et sexiste, le Secrétariat du Groupe du fer de lance mélanésien a rédigé un document de synthèse rassemblant les positions des ministres et des…

Consultation for Regional Strategic Roadmap Emergency Management (SREM) Action Plan

​Initial consultation for the Regional Strategic Roadmap Emergency Management (SREM) and Action Plan jointly hosted by the Pacific Community and the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat. The purpose of this consultation is to detail outcomes, strategies and…

De meilleures données mèneront à de meilleures décisions pour notre continent bleu

(disponible en anglais uniquement) Better data will lead to better decisions for our blue continent  Understanding how our planet is changing over time and what impact this has on our people, communities and countries is paramount for making informed…

Le Pacifique, leader mondial en matière de délimitation des frontières maritimes communes

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Launch of the Pacific Partnership to End Violence Against Women and Girls

A small in-country event to acknowledge national roll out of the Pacific Partnership in Kiribati held in conjunction with the launch of the ‘Strengthening Peaceful Villages’ project by the Kiribati government.

Climate Change and Disaster Risk Finance: ISACC project strengthens institutions in Tuvalu to access and manage climate finance

This story was developed as part of a media masterclass where journalists were invited to attend and cover the Climate and Disaster Risk Finance Meeting over the course of two days. SPC’s Institutional Strengthening for Pacific Island countries to Adapt…

Travailler ensemble pour notre océan

L’océan a un impact considérable sur la vie de tous les Océaniens. Assurer la durabilité de l'océan pour les générations futures est au centre des discussions et des stratégies mondiales. Dans le Pacifique, le Vanuatu montre la voie des sciences de la…

Les nations insulaires unies contre la menace du changement climatique

(en anglais uniquement) The four exclusively atoll nations came together in Fiji recently to discuss the fact their homes and cultures are at an increased risk as a result of the global climate crisis. High level representatives from the Republic of the…
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