Indicator Code Description Metadata
PD-POP-1.1 Population size View
PD-POP-1.2 Population growth View
PD-POP-1.3 Rate of Natural increase View
PD-POP-1.4 Urbanization View
PD-POV-1.1 Basic Needs Poverty Rate (MDG 1.1) View
PD-POV-1.2 Poverty Gap Ratio (MDG 1.2) View
PD-POV-1.3 Share of Poorest Quintile in National Consumption (MDG 1.3) View
PD-POV-1.4 Proportion of the of employed person living below $1 (MDG 1.6) View
PD-POV-1.5 Proportion of population below minimum level of dietary energy consumption (MDG.1.9) View
PEDF.1.1 ECCE Net Enrolment Ratio View
PEDF.1.2 ECCE Gross Enrolment Ratio View
PEDF.1.3 ECCE Student/Teacher Ratio View
PEDF.2.1.1 Net enrolment ratio in primary education (%) View
PEDF.2.1.2 Net enrolment ratio in seconday education (%) View
PEDF.2.2.1 Gross enrolment rate - Primary school View
PEDF.2.2.2 Gross enrolment rate - Secondary school View
PEDF.2.3 Percentage new entrance to 1st year primary with ECCE experience View
PEDF.2.4 Repetition rate (RR) View
PEDF.2.5 Drop-out rate (DR) View
PEDF.2.6 Promotion rate (PR) View
PEDF.2.7 Transition rate (primary/secondary) View
PEDF.2.10 Literacy rate View
PEDF.2.11 Numeracy rate. View
PEDF.2.12 Student teacher ratio (STR). View
PEDF.2.13 Student classroom ratio (SCR). View
PEDF.2.15 Percentage schools with clean water and sanitation. View
PEDF.5.1 % of Qualified/Untrained teachers as per national minimum standards. View
PEDF.6.5 % wealth of a country (GDP or GNI) allocated to education (per capita). View
PD-EDU-1.1 Proportion of pupils starting grade 1 who reach last grade of primary (MDG.2.2) View
PD-EDU-1.5 Literacy Rates of 15-24 year olds (%) (MDG 2.3) View
PD-EDU-1.6 Ratio of girls to boys in primary education (MDG.3.1.1) View
PD-EDU-1.7 Ratio of girls to boys in secondary education (MDG.3.1.2) View
PD-EDU-1.8 Ratio of girls to boys in tertiary education (MDG.3.1.3) View
PD-EDU-1.9 Pupil Teacher Ratio View
PD-ECD-1.1 GDP per employed person (US$) View
PD-ECD-1.2 Real Per Capita Growth View
PD-ECD-1.3 Consumer Price Index - Annual change in CPI View
PD-ECD-1.4 Total Trade/GDP ratio (Total imports + Total exports / GDP in current prices (all at the same year)) View
PD-ECD-1.5 Trade Balance/GDP ratio (Trade Balance/GDP in current prices (all at the same year) View
PD-ECD-1.6 Annual Number of Tourists (Overnight visitors) View
PD-LF-1.1 Labour force participation rate View
PD-LF-1.2 Unemployment Rate View
PD-LF-1.3 Employment-Population Ratio (MDG.1.5) View
PD-LF-1.4 Proportion of own-account and contributing family workers in total employment (MDG.1.7) View
PD-SS-1.1 Government Expenditure on Education as % of Total Government Expenditure View
PD-SS-1.2 Government Expenditure on Health as % of Total Government Expenditure View
PD-SS-1.3 Per Capita Health Expenditure (See PH-HS-1.3) View