Indicator Code Description Metadata
HD-GEN-1.1 Proportion of seats held by women in national parliaments (MDG 3.3) View
HD-GEN-1.4 Proportion of government recurrent budget to women’s department/office View
HD-GEN-1.7 Female tertiary education completion rate View
HD-GEN-1.8 Female Labour Force Participation rate (Also see PD-LF-1.1) View
HD-GEN-1.9 Female to male labour force participation ratio (Females/Males) (Also see PD-LF-1.1) View
HD-GEN-1.10 Female to male paid employment-population ratio (Also see PD-LF-1.3) View
HD-GEN-1.11 Share of women in wage employment in the non-agricultural sector (MDG.3.2) View
HD-GEN-1.12 Prevalence of violence against women (VAW) View
HD-GEN-1.13 Attitudes towards violence against women View
HD-Y-1.2 Labor force participation - Youth (m/f) View
HD-Y-1.3 Employment-Population Ratio - Youth (m/f) View
HD-Y-1.4 Youth Unemployment (m/f) View
HD-Y-1.5 Paid-Unpaid Employment Ratio - Youth (m/f) View
HD-Y-1.6 Proportion of government recurrent budget to Youth department/office (total, %; plus budgets dedicated to staff versus activity/programme costs). View
HD-Y-1.7 Existence of dedicated Youth Policy View
HD-CUL-1.1 Ability to speak in kastom/vernacular language(s) View
HD-CUL-1.2 Frequency of use of kastom/vernacular language(s) View
HD-CUL-1.3 Proportion of people in specific language community able to read and write in their first language of their cultural group View
HD-CUL-1.4 Proportion of young people in specific communities able to read and write in their first language of their cultural group (See HD-CUL-1.3) View
HD-CUL-2.1 Proportion of (adult) population of community with basic traditional production skills (Composite Indicator) View
HD-CUL-2.2 Proportion of people fishing with traditional tools/methods (spear) View
HD-CUL-2.3 Percentage of rural population who use customary lands for housing and subsistence agriculture (%) View
HD-CUL-2.4 Proportion of population with access to customary lands View
HD-CUL-3.1 Existence of dedicated national cultural policy View
HD-CUL-3.2 Ratification of and implementation of Cultural Rights treaties and convention View
HD-CUL-3.3 Protection of traditional knowledge policy/implementation of model law View
HD-CUL-3.4 National proportion of budget allocated to culture, including for protection, preservation (heritage) and promotion View