Indicator Code Description Metadata
AF-HL-1.1 Proportion of household income from agriculture and forestry activities (%) View
AF-HL-1.2 Proportion of labour force engaged in agriculture and forestry activities as their main economic activity (%) View
AF-NE-2.1 Agriculture and forestry export value as a proportion of total export value (%) View
AF-NE-2.2 Agriculture and forestry import value as a proportion of total import value (%) View
AF-NE-2.3 Annual change in latest food CPI(by Quarter) View
AF-NE-2.4 Proportion of national GDP from agriculture and forestry (current prices) (%) View
AF-NE-2.5 Proportion of national budget allocation for agriculture and forestry (%) View
AF-NR-3.1 Cultivable or arable land as a proportion of total land area (%) View
AF-NR-3.2 Area of forested land as proportion of total land area (%) (MDG 7.1) View
AF-NR-3.3 Annual rate of deforestation (%) View