Indicator Code Description Metadata
IT-1.1.1 Household access to land lines View
IT-1.1.2 Household access to mobile phones - Access to cell phone units View
IT-1.2.2 Mobile cellular telephone subscriptions per 100 inhabitants (ITU-A2, MDG 8.15) View
IT-1.2.3 Fixed telephone lines per 100 inhabitants (ITU-A2, MDG 8.14) View
IT-1.3 Household internet access View
IT-1.3.1 Households with access to broad-band internet - Proportion of Household subscriptions to broad-band internet (ITU-HH12) View
IT-1.3.2 Households with access to dial-up internet - Proportion of Household subscriptions to narrow-band internet (ITU-HH12) View
IT-1.4 Fixed internet subscribers per 100 inhabitants (ITU-A3) View
IT-1.4.1 Individual access to internet - internet users per 100 population (Census, DHS, MDG 8.16) View
IT-1.5.1 Affordability - Residential fixed telephone line tariff per month (USD) View
IT-1.5.2 Affordability - Mobile cellular prepaid price of local call per minute (Average peak time unit cost USD) (ITU-A9) View
IT-1.5.3 Affordability - Fixed broad-band internet access tariff per month (USD) (ITU-A8) View
IT-1.6.1 Competition - Number of fixed telephone line service providers View
IT-1.6.2 Competition - Number of mobile cellular service providers View
IT-1.6.3 Competition - Number of internet service providers View
IT-1.7 e-government - % of government agencies that have an interactive website View
IT-1.8.1 Education - % of schools with internet access (ITU-ED5) View
IT-1.8.2 Health - % of health facilities connected to the internet View
EN-1.1 Electrification Level - % Households connected View
EN-1.2 Access to modern energy - % Households with access to modern cooking and lighting. View
EN-1.3 Macro-economic affordability - Fuel imports as % of GDP View
EN-1.4 Electricity tariffs - average residential electricity tariffs for each year ($US/kWh) View
EN-1.5 Household energy expenditure load - average residential expenditure on energy per year as % of household income View
T-ACS-1.1.1 Number of international passenger flights arriving per week (Total no. of regular passenger flights arriving from intl destinations by all service providers operating in country) View
T-ACS-1.1.2 Number of domestic passenger air services departing from capital city per week (total no. of routes flown by all service providers) View
T-ACS-1.1.3 Number of airports - total paved and unpaved View
T-ACS-1.1.4 Number of inbound international container shipping services per month View
T-ACS-1.1.5 Number of domestic shipping services per month View
T-ACS-1.1.6 Number of main ports - ports receiving international shipping operators View
T-ACS-1.1.7 Average international container volume (TEUs) unloaded per month View
T-ACS-1.1.8 Total road network in country (length, km) View
T-ACS-1.1.9 Paved road as proportion of total network (%) View
T-AFD-2.1.1 Average cost of economy passenger air fare (AU$) to nearest major metropolitan hub View
T-AFD-2.1.2 Average cost of air freight (AU$/kg) to nearest major metropolitan hub View
T-AFD-2.1.3 Average cost of shipping TEU (AU$) inbound from nearest major metropolitan hub View
T-AFD-2.1.4 Average cost of economy passenger air fare (AU$) between Pacific Island capital cities (intl airport) to Nadi View
T-AFD-2.1.5 Average cost of shipping TEU (AU$) between largest country port and the Port of Suva, Fiji View
T-AFD-2.1.6 Average economy passenger international air fare as proportion of GDP per capita (Cost derived from T.2.1.1) View
T-AFD-2.1.7 Average annual national expenditure on container freight (TEU) costs as proportion of GDP View
T-MKT-3.1.1 Number of national & other air carriers currently operating View
T-MKT-3.1.2 Presence of regulatory or contractual arrangements on market access - air carriers (Y/N) View
T-MKT-3.1.3 Number of shipping operators currently providing scheduled service View
T-MKT-3.1.4 Presence of regulatory or contractual arrangements on market access - shipping operators (Y/N) View
T-REL-4.1.1 Proportion of cancelled domestic flights per month (% of total flights) View
T-REL-4.1.2 Proportion of scheduled international shipping visits cancelled per six months (% total visits) View