Indicator Code Description Metadata
MDG-1.1 Basic needs poverty (%) View
MDG-1.2 Poverty gap ratio (%) View
MDG-1.3 Poorest quintile in national consumption (%) View
MDG-1.4 Growth rate of GDP per person employed (%) View
MDG-1.5 Employment-to-population ratio (%) View
MDG-1.6 Employed living below $1 (PPP) per day (%) View
MDG-1.7 Own-account and unpaid family workers (%) View
MDG-1.8 Underweight children under age 5 (%) View
MDG-1.9 Food poverty (%) View
MDG-2.1 Net enrolment ratio in primary education (%) View
MDG-2.2 Reaches last grade in primary education (%) View
MDG-2.3 Literacy rates of 15-24 years old (%) View
MDG-3.1.1 Gender parity index in primary education (ratio of girls to boys) View
MDG-3.1.2 Gender parity index in secondary education (ratio of girls to boys) View
MDG-3.1.3 Gender parity index in tertiary education (ratio of girls to boys) View
MDG-3.2 Women in the non-agricultural sector (%) View
MDG-3.3 Seats held by women in parliament (%) View
MDG-4.1 Under 5 mortality rate (per 1,000 live births) View
MDG-4.2 Infant mortality rate (per 1,000 live births) View
MDG-4.3 Measles immunisation of 1 year old (%) View
MDG-5.1 Maternal mortality (per 100,000 live births) View
MDG-5.2 Skilled birth attendance (%) View
MDG-5.3 Contraceptive prevalence rate (%) View
MDG-5.4 Adolescent birth rate (per 1,000 females) View
MDG-5.5 Antenatal care coverage, ≥ 1 visit (%) View
MDG-5.6 Unmet need for family planning (%) View
MDG-6.1 HIV prevalence of 15-24 years old (%) View
MDG-6.2 Condom use at last high-risk sex (%) View
MDG-6.3 15-24 years old awareness of HIV/AIDS (%) View
MDG-6.4 Orphans to non-orphans attending school View
MDG-6.5 Access to antiretroviral drugs (%) View
MDG-6.6.1 Malaria incidence rate (per 100,000) View
MDG-6.6.2 Malaria death rate (per 100,000) View
MDG-6.7 Under 5 sleeping under bed-nets (%) View
MDG-6.8 Under 5 treated with anti-malarial drugs (%) View
MDG-6.9.1 TB prevalence rates (per 100,000) View
MDG-6.9.2 TB death rates (per 100,000) View
MDG-6.9.3 TB incidence rates (per 100,000) View
MDG-6.10.1 TB detection rate under DOTS (%) View
MDG-6.10.2 TB cure rate under DOTS (%) View
MDG-7.1 Proportion of land area covered by forest (%) View
MDG-7.2.1 CO2 emissions, total ('000 metric tons) View
MDG-7.2.2 CO2 emissions, per capita (metric tons) View
MDG-7.2.3 CO2 emissions, per $1 GDP (PPP) (kg) View
MDG-7.3 Use of ODS (ODP metric tons) View
MDG-7.4 Fish stocks within safe biological limits (%) View
MDG-7.5 Total water resources used (%) View
MDG-7.6 Protected terrestrial and marine areas (%) View
MDG-7.7 Species threatened with extinction (%) View
MDG-7.8 Using an improved drinking water source (%) View
MDG-7.9 Using an improved sanitation facility (%) View
MDG-7.10 Urban population living in slums (%) View
MDG-8.1 OECD net ODA (% GNI) View
MDG-8.2 ODA to basic social services (%) View
MDG-8.3 ODA that is untied (%) View
MDG-8.4 ODA to landlocked developing countries View
MDG-8.5 Net ODA (% of GNI) View
MDG-8.6 Duty free exports to developed countries (%) View
MDG-8.7 Average tariffs by developed countries View
MDG-8.8 OECD agricultural support (% of GDP) View
MDG-8.9 ODA to build trade capacity (%) View
MDG-8.10 Countries reached HIPC points (no.) View
MDG-8.11 Debt relief committed under HIPC and MDRI Initiatives View
MDG-8.12 Debt service (% of exports) View
MDG-8.14 Telephone lines per 100 population View
MDG-8.15 Cellular subscribers per 100 population View
MDG-8.16 Internet users per 100 population View