Field Detail
Theme Agriculture and Forestry
Code AF-NE-2.3
Sub-theme National Economy
Name Annual change in food CPI (%)
Definition Difference in food price index for the current year compared to the previous year
Calculation/Formula [(Food CPI in current year/foodCPI in previous year)-1]x100
Unit of Measure %
Purpose/Rationale Measure of food affordability for households. An upward change in this indicator may imply a decrease in affordability of food.
Policy Linkages National development plans, Food security plans, trade agreements and strategies
Preferred Data Sources Ministry of Finance or National Statistics Office - Food Price Component of CPI
Primary Data Collection System National Administrative Records - National accounts, market surveys
Economic Tag CPI
Frequency of Data Collection Annual
SPC Responsibility - Data Management LRD
Notes If no annual figure provided, use annual average for monthly or quarterly figures. It is advisable that this indicator is compared with the total CPI to see the change in food prices compared to general price changes.
Baseline value NULL
Baseline Source NULL
Qualitative Analysis of Baseline NULL
Qualitative Analysis on Target NULL
SPC Programme LRD
Link to SPC Corporate Plan NULL
Link to SPC Division Plan LRD Objective 1, output 1.1
Numerator Change in food CPI in current year compared with the previous year
Component 6 NULL
Denominator Food CPI in previous year
Factor X100
Unit %