Field Detail
Theme Agriculture and Forestry
Code AF-NR-3.1
Sub-theme Natural Resources
Name Agricultural land (% of total land area)
Definition Proportion of land area defined as agricultural land
Calculation/Formula [Total agricultural land area / total land area] x 100
Unit of Measure %
Purpose/Rationale Measures current land use for agriculture
Policy Linkages National development plans, Land use strategies, National Agricultural Strategies.
Preferred Data Sources Agriculture Census and Surveys
Alternative_Data Sources Land use mapping/GIS (LRD/GSD), FAO Yearbook
Census - HIES - DHS tag Ag Census
Primary Data Collection System Survey - National Statistics Office, GIS
Frequency of Data Collection 10 years
Other agencies countries_ must report to: FAO
SPC Responsibility - Data Management LRD
Notes Agricultural land includes: land under temporary and permanent crops, temporary and permanent pastures and meadows, kitchen gardens and temporarily fallow agricultural land (<5yrs fallow). This corresponds with FAO's 'agricultural area' classification. http://faostat3.fao.org/mes/glossary/E
SPC Programme LRD
Link to SPC Division Plan LRD Objective 1, output 1.1, 1.2; Objective 2, outputs 2.1, 2.2, 2.3.
Numerator Total agricultural land
Component 6 NULL
Denominator Total land area
Factor x 100
Unit %