Field Detail
Theme Agriculture and Forestry
Code AF-NR-3.3
Sub-theme Natural Resources
Name Annual rate of deforestation (%)
Definition Sum of all negative changes due to deforestation and natural disasters and all positive changes due to afforestation and natural expansion of forests.
Calculation/Formula [(Current year total forest cover-previous year forest cover)/previous year forest cover] x100
Unit of Measure %
Purpose/Rationale A measure of the sustainability of logging and land clearance practice.
Policy Linkages National Development Strategies, National Forestry/Land Use Strategies, SDG 16
Preferred Data Sources FAO Forest Resources Assessment
Alternative_Data Sources Department of Forestry national timber production figures
Primary Data Collection System Survey- Forestry Office/Ministry, GIS
Frequency of Data Collection 5-10 years
Other agencies countries_ must report to: FAO
SPC Responsibility - Data Management LRD
Notes Current year total forest calculated: area of forestry in base year + (cubic volume of timber production from base year to end of last year- estimated cubic volume of forest regeneration from base year up to end of last year) x factor representing land per unit cubic volume
Baseline value NULL
Baseline Source NULL
Qualitative Analysis of Baseline NULL
Qualitative Analysis on Target NULL
SPC Programme LRD
Link to SPC Corporate Plan NULL
Link to SPC Division Plan LRD Objective 2, outputs 2.1, 2.2.
Numerator Current year total forestry cover- previous year forest cover
Component 6 NULL
Denominator Previous year total forest cover
Factor x100
Unit %